Definitions you may hear at meetings or other events:



BSA – Boy Scouts of America

Program: Camping trips, activities, courts of honor, (anything the Scouts do)

Blue Dog – What we call the ‘New Scout’ patrol.

ASM – Assistant Scout Master – Men and Women that are registered with the BSA and become a fully trained leader.

SM – Scout Master – The ring leader of the ASM’s and the ‘Program’ portion of the scouting experience.

Committee – Men and Women that are registered with the BSA and serve the Troop in the ‘nut and bolts’ operations of the scouting experience.

PV – Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch 
Tahosa – Tahosa High Adventure Base
173 County Road 96
Ward, Colorado 80481
Colorado Adventure Point –
Philmont – Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, NM


Scouter –  A registered adult involved with scouting.

Scouts – Any registered youth involved in the program.

Families – Anyone else supporting the scouting movement that is not registered with BSA.

Scouter in Charge – The adult leader running a trip who makes any final decisions regarding the trip.

The Shed – The troop storage unit where troop equipment is stored.

Blue Card – The merit badge ‘paper work’ required to be filled out, turned in and protected for a scout to get credit for earning merit badges.

Merit Badge – There are more than 135 merit badges to choose from. Some are required for the rank of Eagle. Merit badges are emphasized in the more advanced ranks after First Class.

Merit Badge College – Several times a year districts around the council will hold full day, classroom style, opportunities to work toward one or more merit badges.

University of Scouting – A once a year (usually in October) training opportunity for adult leaders.  Many topics are offered and is a great way to customize training/learning for a full day.

YPT – Youth Protection Training – This training is required for all registered adults and is highly recommended for all persons involved with the scouting program. This is where ‘two deep leadership’ is defined and explained.

Court of Honor – Troop 342 holds 3 courts of honor per year. This is usually a pot-luck style dinner that gives families a chance to come together, get to know each other and celebrate the accomplishments of the boys in the troop. They offer a chance for reflection on past events and is where official recognition of advancement takes place.

Board of Review – The final step before a new rank is earned by a scout. This is a sit down meeting between members of the committee and the scout. Scouting questions are asked of the scouts



Rank Advancement – One of the methods of Boy Scouts. The Scouting program has three specific objectives, commonly referred to as the “Aims of Scouting.” They are character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. There are 8 methods by which the aims are achieved.

Guide to advancement:

Scoutmaster conference


Patrol method


Big Horn/NYLT

High adventure


Scout Show


Totin’ chip

Fireman chit

Cyber Chip