Youth Leadership

The boys came up with the slogan ‘Boy led, Not spoon fed’ as a motto and reminder of who is charge of the troop.  They take pride in this aspect and pass this attitude on to the younger scouts.

The real leadership in a Boy Scout Troop are the Scouts themselves, led by a Senior Patrol Leader and the Patrol Leader’s Council.  These scouts are elected each year by their peers. The troop expects them be First Class or above and 14 or older. This coincides with the requirement for Big Horn/NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training).

Troop 342 Senior Patrol Leaders are Big Horn trained.  These young men are responsible for the Patrol Leaders Council and they run the Troop meetings and activities, manage menus and duty rosters, plan the yearly calendar and represent the Troop at all official functions.

Patrol Leaders & Troop Guides

The Patrol Leaders, along with the Senior Patrol Leader, two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Troop Guides and the Troop Scribe represent the Patrol Leaders Council.  As a group, they plan the annual calendar, Troop meetings and activities, and provide critical communications to Troop membership.

Adult Leadership

The adult leadership is composed of two main groups in charge of two distinct aspects of the troop.

The first group is led by the Scoutmaster with much help from many assistant Scoutmasters. This group is collectively responsible for enabling the scouts to run the program they have planned in a safe manner.  Each assistant Scoutmaster is expected to be involved at meetings and lead trips throughout the year.

We are always looking for more adults to step up and help out. The adage “Many Hands Make Light Work” certainly applies in the scouting world.


Mr. David Yost


Mr. Danny Lanigan
Mr. Ian Marshall
Mr. Gus Phelps
Mr. Ricky Stephenson

The Troop Committee:

Mr. Steve Dendinger
Troop Committee Chair

A former Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle Advisor with Troop 342, Mr. Dendinger has been honored with a Scoutmaster’s Key, the Scoutmasters Award of Merit, Order of the Arrow (Brotherhood), Scouter’s Training Award.  He is a former Cub Scout Den Leader with Pack 477.  Steve has been with the Troop since 1995.  Training includes Scouter Fundamentals (NLR/BSLS/OLS) and Wood Badge (Fox).

Jessica McMahill Advancement Chair
Mrs. Tracy Marshall
Mrs. Sally McCloskey
Mrs. Jill Kroog – Activities Chair
Mr. Scott Spendlove – Merit Badge Chair
Mr. Peter Garin – Chaplain Chair
Mrs. Connie Garin – Treasurer
Mr. King
Mr. John Juhl