Patrol Lists

After our most recent elections, see below for the updated Patrol lists and troop positions. Congratulations to our new leaders and to the Blue Dogs for their advancements and being brought into the troop patrols!

Perry the Platypus: Braeden Adams, Cayden Szendroudi, Colin Lanigan (Troop Guide), Fergus McCloskey (Senior Patrol Leader), Garin Marshall, Liam Christianson (Asst. Senior Patrol Leader), Mason Rapp, Shakir Hunter (Asst. Senior Patrol Leader), Wyatt Erdmann (Patrol Leader), and Zachary Wachter

Savage Cabbages: Dylan McMahill (Quartermaster), David Zwyer, Ian Rocklin (Webmaster), Kaven O’Loughlin (Den Chief), Nick Kelso, Ryan Yost (Junior Asst. Scoutmaster), William Renz (Den Chief), and William Wein (Patrol Leader)

Butter Knife Wielding Ducks: Andrew Pack, August Kroog, Harrison Wood-Juhl (Troop Committee Rep), Keiler Kroog, Kaleb King (Scribe), Logan Spendlove, Matthew Mohrbacher (Chaplain Aide), Ryan Fleming, Shane Halingstad (Patrol Leader), and William Hawbaker

Blue Dogs: More Coming Soon in 2021!

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